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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to make a free website or Blog

Hey, you are searching for how to make a free website you are in the right place. In this short article, we are teaching you how you can make your website free of cost, so let's begin.

how to make a free website

How to start blogging

  • Get a name for your blog
  • Find a platform for your blog
  • Make your blog online
  • Customize your blog
  • Upload your content
  • Attract your audience
  • Start earning

Get a name for your blog.

First of all, you have to find a name for your blog, a unique name, .which makes you more unique, which attracts your audience, which relates to your blog content. It is essential to describe your blog or website name with your content, e.g., your blog is related to pets, then your blog name also relates to your niche your blog name contains a word related to your niche like, etc.
And get a high-level domain like .com .net .org etc. because if you want to rank your site, you have a high authority domain related to your niche .so remember these 2 points in your mind.

 Find a platform for your blog.

For making a website or blog, you have a plate form, or in short, you have a hosting to become live your blog on internet .there are many plates forms where you get cheap hosting, but we are talking about free, so is free hosting or plate form where you can make your blog or website effortlessly. You don't have to pay any amount. Everything is free. You have to sign up in it, make your blog easily by following its instructions. So go now and signup for free.

Make your blog online.

To make your blog online, you have to connect your domain to hosting, but here we use, so just signup .enter your website title or name connect your domain, and where your website is ready to use. Blogger is the best platform to start your free site according to my experience, I have earned many dollars from it.

Customize your blog

To make your blogger professional, you have a professional look for your blog or website. You have a theme you can download it for free from many websites. Go and download any good looking website and upload it on your blogger or website. customize your theme delete unnecessary layouts make your blogger more attractive and more beautiful to attract your audience and to increase your fan following

Upload your content

Now your website is live and ready to use .now start uploading your content according to your niche do not copy someone's content. Make it unique upload unique content else your website will be down in Google search console or will be banned. You have to write a unique article, and you have to get unique pictures for your website .remember again that you should never copy someone's content.

Attract your audience

Now after uploading your content, .you have to share your blog on different social media platforms to connect more audiences. Connect more peoples to connect more users. Now one day, you have a good number of your website. Yours now make them cashed.

Start earning

Now first of ready Google AdSense terms and condition and make your website according to it .then now apply for AdSense and start earning now


My name is Kabeer. I am a professional web developer, and I am earning many dollars from my websites. I don't have only one website. I am also a freelancer, and doing it for my clients, I create thousands of sites for my clients, and they all are happy from me. Make your website 100 out of 100 to make it more catchy and attractive, so your users and clients are also satisfied with you.

I hope you find much knowledge in this article, share it with your friends, and if you have any problem, text me freely.

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